Frequently Asked Questions - Three Conditions Housing Association

Yes – anyone can apply to rent or buy a 3CHA home and we want to accept anybody in housing need, but please bear in mind some important factors that will have an effect on whether you are successful or not :

  • In many circumstances, we have agreements with the local council that let them to select tenants and in these cases, the council’s wishes will have priority
  • If we think you have enough financial resources to buy your own home outright elsewhere, we might suggest that you would be better doing that, because our homes are meant for people who don’t have that option
  • If we don’t think that your finances would be able to meet the costs of buying, then we will advise against it, in your own interests.

Please email or alternatively you can ask a question using our contact form.

The first thing to do is to email, outlining your complaint or suggestion.

Absolutely. We are registered with Homes England and the Regulator of Social Housing and they oversee our activities, like OFSTED for schools, FSA for financial services and many others. We are therefore publicly accountable for how we run the association. We are also members of the Independent Housing Ombudsman service.

Yes. Our aim is to be open to anyone with a housing need, and we will never turn anybody down because of gender, race, sexuality, disability or religion.

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