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3 stones3CHA was founded in 2011 by a group of dedicated social housing professionals.

Our aim is to provide modern affordable homes for families and individuals who are unable to buy homes outright, but who are also unable to qualify for the allocation of a council or housing association property.

We want to offer people high quality homes in a stable environment that will provide a springboard for them to develop and enhance their lives in other ways, allowing them to pursue education, careers and prosperity. For this reason – unusually for housing associations – we offer residents the right to buy their own home, as and when they are able and we do so for all of our properties, unless a local agreement with the council does not allow this.

3CHA is also committed to pursuing sustainability and to ensuring our activities have the smallest feasible carbon footprint; we regard this as part of our overall commitment to social justice, in the spirit of traditional housing associations. Where we are not traditional is in our intention to provide a service to residents that lets you communicate with us and carry out all your business on-line, or through your phone. This lets you take care of day-to-day matters at your own convenience, where and when it suits you.


We are run by a small, highly experienced, team with many years of practice in social housing, led by the founders of 3CHA, and backed by an advisory group of professionals with experience in architecture, development, executive management and IT, in addition to many years of housing experience.


Our Directors -

John Callaghan Tim Edwards

Tim Edwards

Our Advisory Group

Liz Gallacher

Indy Johar

Rosemarie Lewis

Pete McCormack